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  • Let The Good Times Roll!

    I gifted myself an array of books. Most of these are modern classics.

  • Govt Doctors The Most Vulnerable In India

    A doctor writes about an unfortunate incident which is not only depressing but really alarming. It is sad that such incidents have become quite common in Bengal, if not the entire country. In my brief medical career so far, I have seen that in every such incident of harassment of medical staff, there has been…

  • First Sun of the Year at Tiger Hill

    It was well before dawn. The watch tower at Tiger Hill had only started filling up with a handful of tourists when we arrived there, and the three of us managed to find seats in the second row.

  • Republic Day Breakfast

    Today morning I had breakfast with a friend at Mrs. Magpie. We were truly mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the place and its assortment of delectable bite-sized cupcakes. I ordered a Darjeeling tea for myself while she had the coffee.

  • Quote from OHCM

    A quote on the power of sleep, from the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine.

  • Skyfall

    As a Bond fan, I could not miss it. And it was a very good watch. The first half was a tad slow, but the second half was rivetting. I liked how the movie ended. Looks like old school Bond flavor is back 😀 Call me an old timer, but I can’t help comparing new…

  • Need to buy Wifi Printer

    The functional, half-functional and now-defunct gadgets accumulated over the years has given rise to a tangle of wires that is getting impossible to control. It’s as if the overwhelming wire mess has got a life of its own and its entire dust-hogging, cobweb-gathering being is only aimed at making life difficult for me. Plugging in…

  • Bikini Approach To Women Healthcare

    Conventional healthcare system has taken a bikini approach to women’s health giving emphasis on the breast and the reproductive system. A greater awareness among women regarding heart disease is the need of the hour. Heart disease is not only the leading cause of death in US women but more women are dying of heart disease…

  • The Secret to Summer Love: Vitamin D

    The reason why many couples seem to conceive while they are on holiday in a beach may have been explained by scientists: sunlight might be good for a man’s sperm. New research has indicated that Vitamin D – which is produced by the human body when it is exposed to sun – is critical to…

  • Purged Google Contacts

    Purged my Google Contacts. It was already in ship shape with connected profiles (synced with not only Google+ but Facebook as well) and no duplicate contacts. Today I went a step further and deleted all contacts without a phone number. Now my Gmail Contacts is 333 large, with 49 contacts listed under ‘My Contacts’. I…