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  • Polio: A War Won?

    India is a polio free country at this moment! This is like a war won. A moment to rejoice. Hats off to the efforts of the health workers – the unsung heroes. However, the government needs to continue the battle against polio with the same determination and stamina as polio will recur if the virus…

  • HOW TO: Remove Admin Menus from WordPress Dashboard

    In this tutorial I will tell you what code I have used to remove admin menus from the WordPress backend of a site with multiple users having near-admin rights. There I used a theme written by me almost from scratch and of course I din’t want anyone else to mess up my work by tinkering…

  • HAI Campaign: “Not on My Watch”

    Kimberly-Clark has launched a unique campaign to raise awareness of health care-associated infections among health care workers.

  • Harry Potter 7.1

    I went out and watched HP7.1 today. For a non-reader like me it was pure cinematic exhilaration mostly and of course, an immensely beautiful Emma Watson. I did get confused by the flashbacks Harry kept seeing. Overall very good entertainment and the perfect movie for post exam prophylaxis (the 9th semester exams just ended in…

  • WordPress Wins Hall of Fame CMS Award 2010

    Beating Drupal and Joomla in a head-to-head competition, WordPress has just won the Open Source CMS Hall of Fame award this year. CMSes which have won the best CMS award once in the past get to contend in the hall of fame cateogry for the open source awards, that aim to recognize and encourage open…

  • What is Your Mouse Scroll Speed?

    For me the mouse pointer speed is always set at the maximum. Using a slow mouse is like waste of time to me. Enough said! I’m sure most power users would agree with that. So how fast do you like your mouse pointer across the screen? Do comment!

  • Mob Attacks on Doctors & the Role of the Media

    It is a matter of great shame that in the recent few weeks there has been several attacks on doctors on duty in government hospitals all over the state.

  • The Plight of Doctors in Bengal

    I don’t know about the other states but as far as WB is concerned, the very practice of ransacking hospitals and assaulting doctors only reflects the how sad the state of affairs are in this state!

  • Struggling In 1500 B.C.

    Life thousands of years ago must have been difficult. Guess what, today studies took a backseat as I played Civilization 4: Beyond The Sword. So for a greater part of the day I found myself struggling with the game. My favourite genres happen to be RTS (Real-time strategy) and CMS (constrution and management simulation). Among…

  • HOW TO: Meta Description & Keyword Tags On Author Pages

    In this tutorial I’ll show you how to display meta description and meta keyword tags on the author pages of your Thesis website. Not just Thesis users, this guide is just as good for any WordPress installation (as no Thesis hooks are being used). Let me give here the code I am using on Bong…