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  • Puja vacation

    In the middle of my month-long Puja vacation. Not much to do right now. I intend to study hard the rest of the hols. Apart from that, on my list is a plan to visit my school St. Lawrence to have a dekko at the table tennis board there. I also have plans to have […]

  • How I spent this Puja

    This Pujas, I had no big plans. Hang out with school friends – that was all I had in my mind. It was in the Sasthee morning when we started our pandal-hopping spree. A Tata Sumo was hired and we gorged through the streets of Kolkata. There were 10 of us, good old friends of […]

  • SMPS down

    My cabinet was groaning for some days and yesterday my computer went off for good. I guessed the SMPS has went wrong. Fortunately my old Pentium 4 system has most of its parts intact, I took out its SMPS and fitted into my current system. And voila! here goes my PC running again 🙂

  • Weird Thought

    I was just wondering about this… When one dies, his material properties are inherited by his successors. That is good. But what happens to his online belongings? Will no one ever open the dead person’s mailbox and it will be shut down one day forever when the user inactivity period is over? His descendants will […]

  • Broadband for me

    Yesterday I got the BSNL broadband connection. Oh boy, what great speed! My download times have decreased ten times at least and not to say, superfast page loads. I am really impressed. I chose the Home 500 plan that gives me a monthly bandwith usage limit of 1 GB and a speed of 256 kbps […]

  • Google sets you talking!

    Google launched its chat software recently. Now in its beta release, Google Talk has little to offer its users. A crisp interface and close integration with GMail is all that may catch one’s fancy. When it comes to features, Google Talk seriously lags behind its competitors. The fancy emoticons which are the very essense of […]

  • Broadband: Pseudo or Real?

    I have internet via cable. My local cable operator claims he is providing a broadband connection. Now this is the biggest lie. The Indian government has framed laws clearly specifying that a connection with a minimum speed of 256 kbps may be called as broadband. And the speed provided by my cable operator is a […]

  • The Da Vinci Code

    Just finished reading Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. This book is amazing. Based on facts. The best part is that I learnt so much. Came across the word hermaphrodite so many times in biology but never knew how it came; why the Olympics are held every 4 years and also the reason behind its […]