Broadband: Pseudo or Real?

I have internet via cable. My local cable operator claims he is providing a broadband connection. Now this is the biggest lie. The Indian government has framed laws clearly specifying that a connection with a minimum speed of 256 kbps may be called as broadband. And the speed provided by my cable operator is a meagre 32 kbps! I am planning to switch to BSNL who are providing broadband over phone, they are providing 256 kbps of speed in their ‘Home 500’ plan. The rate is exactly the same as my cable connection package. And like my present connection, the BSNL one is also 24×7 i.e. unlimited package.

One response to “Broadband: Pseudo or Real?”

  1. BSNL broad band HOME PLAN 500 will not provide 24*7 unlimited download free…here DOWNLOAD limit is 2.5 GB in peak hr +night(2:00 -8:00)unlimited

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