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Yesterday I got the BSNL broadband connection. Oh boy, what great speed! My download times have decreased ten times at least and not to say, superfast page loads. I am really impressed. I chose the Home 500 plan that gives me a monthly bandwith usage limit of 1 GB and a speed of 256 kbps (plus free usage between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m.). All this for 500 bucks per month; reasonably priced–I must say for I was paying the same amount before to my cable operator who provided a speed of 32 kbps at the most. It took only 10-15 days for the connection to come, during this period they phoned us at least 5 times to check the connection (because this is broadband on phone). Very cool service man. Simply rocks! They have supplied a sleek looking ADSL modem of Chinese make that connects between my phone line and LAN port. I can receive phone calls and surf the net simultaneously. Only drawback is that the ADSL modem heats up at an awfully fast rate. Setting up the connection is a breeze–attach the wires in their places, ‘create a new connection’ in network connections, select broadband, type in your username and password and get connected instantly. You can set your LAN properties to ‘Obtain an ip adress automatically’ at first. Then once you are connected, see configuration instructions at this link.
BSNL offers other plans as well to suit different users. The cheapest one comes at 250 bucks per month with a monthly bandwith usage limit of 0.4 GB, a real deal for the casual surfers esp. who have been on dial-up this far.

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  1. hey nipon,this is Sabyasachi.gr8 to no u have got ur braodband connection.i just wanted to no about the download capacity of 1 GB.wht does tht mean?does it involve the opening of sites or simply the usual downloads tht we do like songs and wallpapers etc.PLZZ reply me as i have similar plans like u.hope u r fine as before…Saby

  2. Well, 1 GB is the total bandwith u can spend in a whole month. Whenever u open a site, say yahoo, data is sent to ur pc from some server. Again data such as ur usename and password, user preferences, etc. go from ur computer to yahoo’s server. So some amount of data is transferred. Got it? (And how is that transferred? Via satellites or marine underwater cables.) if this amount of data transferred is 10 kilobytes (KB), then u have utilized 10 KB of ur bandwith. In this way…u can use ur bandwith upto 1 GB (or 1024 MB). Naturally, when u download large files from the net, ur bandwith usage also rises. Hope i could explain.

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