The Plight of Doctors in Bengal

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I don’t know about the other states but as far as WB is concerned, the very practice of ransacking hospitals and assaulting doctors only reflects the how sad the state of affairs are in this state! Thanks to three decades of Commie rule that have championed mediocrity in all spheres of the society!

Only recently in North Bengal Medical College, a newborn with umbilical sepsis and consequent septicaemia was admitted in the hospital. The baby died and all hell broke loose. Hooligans came armed and at night they assaulted one of our very favourite professors who is a clinician par excellence, surely one of our idols, a great teacher and a dedicated doctor! While I empathise with the grieving relatives, there is no point in beating up doctors regardless of whoever is at fault. That is no solution and totally barbaric! Shall I say that the general masses are too primitive? Even more painful was to read the newspapers the following day! The media totally downplayed the assault story and brewed up a sensational story of negligence and we got to read what was only the half-truth.

Last year, there was another death of a baby despite best efforts and a mob of 200 people who entered our college campus in trucks carried out a mayhem in the Paediatrics department destroying whatever fell in their way. They also managed to ransack the ObGyn department which fell on the way. In Paediatrics they badly beat up housestaff doctors 2 of whom were ladies.

If there has been any negligence it is due to a total administrative failure! I mean why blame doctors if rats are eating up babies in the nursery! If the technicians at Pathology and Biochemistry refuse to take up test samples beyond a few hours of the day stipulated by their wish how can the doctors back up the diagnosis of so many patients in a govt hospital like ours!

When a doctor is assaulted and prevented from doing his duty, this automatically sends several other patients admitted under him at peril in govt hospitals which are understaffed anyway!

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