As a Bond fan, I could not miss it. And it was a very good watch. The first half was a tad slow, but the second half was rivetting. I liked how the movie ended. Looks like old school Bond flavor is back 😀 Call me an old timer, but I can’t help comparing new Bond movies with the older ones, those of Sean Connery and Roger Moore era! For example, the villain’s maxillary prosthesis was truly in bond style. Very reminiscent of some old school bond villains who had disfigured faces and had to go for plastic surgery 😛 The humor element was missing though; we hardly laughed. May be because Bond has suddenly grown old, as pointed out by a friend who also thinks that the movie was part Bond and part Home Alone. Haha! You will get the pun when you watch the movie. And oh yes, there’s surprise in who is the Bond girl (though in a platonic way) in this movie!

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