Bikini Approach To Women Healthcare

Conventional healthcare system has taken a bikini approach to women’s health giving emphasis on the breast and the reproductive system. A greater awareness among women regarding heart disease is the need of the hour. Heart disease is not only the leading cause of death in US women but more women are dying of heart disease every year than men1! In fact, research regarding heart disease has mostly considered it as a male disease, with poor participation rates of women. It is important to understand that heart disease in women is not a man’s disease; heart disease in women acts quite different than in men2. Only recently heart disease in women is being looked at seriously and gender-specific research is being carried out.

1 Lloyd-Jones D, Adams R, Brown T,. et al. Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics 2010 Update: A Report from the American Heart Assocaition Statistics Committee and Stroke Statistics Subcomittee. Circulation. 2010; 121:e155.

2 Johnson SM, Karvonen CA, Phelps CL, Set al. Assessment of Analysis by Gender in the Cochrane Reviews as Related to Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease. J Women’s Health. June 1, 2003, 12(5):449-457.

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