• Don’t Go with the Trend

    You must be aware of the Mashable trend, they run headlines like 10 things you must know about the iPhone 5.

  • Sherlock Season 3

    Now that season 4 is very much likely, I want the arrogant, disdainful Sherlock back.

  • Quote from OHCM

    A quote on the power of sleep, from the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine.

  • Skyfall

    As a Bond fan, I could not miss it. And it was a very good watch. The first half was a tad slow, but the second half was rivetting. I liked how the movie ended. Looks like old school Bond flavor is back 😀 Call me an old timer, but I can’t help comparing new…

  • Harry Potter 7.1

    I went out and watched HP7.1 today. For a non-reader like me it was pure cinematic exhilaration mostly and of course, an immensely beautiful Emma Watson. I did get confused by the flashbacks Harry kept seeing. Overall very good entertainment and the perfect movie for post exam prophylaxis (the 9th semester exams just ended in…

  • Media Mention

    Guess what I got mentioned in a Bangladeshi newspaper! For my association with OmicronLab. I was really surprised to see my name there. The newspaper in question is a relative newcomer there I am told. But still I’m amused to see my name in print. Here’s the article: ?????? ?????? ???????. They spelt my name wrong!

  • Obsessed With The ‘Pirates’

    Recently I watched the Pirates Of The Caribbean series. Finally, that is! And am completely blown away. Thanks to the 5.1 speaker system I have just installed in my hostel room, the movie experience was all the more fun. I was trasferred to the world of undead pirates such as Captain Barbossa, in an age…

  • Summer is In, Let’s Go Green

    Get involved in the Green Summers project.