Sherlock Season 3

Eye candy cinematography as usual. How they edit the video is really amazing. The stunning camera work, the way the scenes quickly change from one focus to another or how Sherlock’s thought waves appear on screen, it is always a visual delight. The first episode The Empty Hearse was mostly catching up with Sherlock after two years rather than solving new mysteries. There are several versions of the jump which try to explain the ‘death. But I found it very dragging. Where is the razor-sharp Sherlock gone? His theatrics in the train carriage was intolerable.

Update: After watching the second episode The Sign of Three, I can only say the franchise is hitting new lows. This is not Sherlock!

Update: Episode 3 His Last Vow started rather well. Sherlock’s mind palace was better portrayed this time. Too much footage of his parents was a no-brainer. Come on, this is not a family show. By the end, I felt I was watching a Bond movie. And did anybody miss the enormous plot loophole? Could Moffat not come up with a story logical enough in two years! Now that season 4 is very much likely, I want the arrogant, disdainful Sherlock back.