Eating Out

For the last few days I had been eating out a lot. Too many occasions, birthdays and all, coincided within a short span of time. Siliguri has too many restaurants given it is an important tourist centre, the gateway to Darjeeling. I find food here is a lot dearer than in Kolkata.

New Ranjit and Ranjit are two vegetarian hotels side by side on Hill cart Road – near Venus more. After trying both the places, I concluded New Ranjit is the better one in terms of food quality and cheaper too! Either of them would set you back by about 200 for a dinner.

On 2nd September my senior Dr. John gave me a treat at Tai wah. We were celebrating the revamp of his company website! Tai wah is known for authentic Chinese dishes. John da missed the old charm though – he used to frequent this place during his college years. We took rice, a prawn dish and 2 chicken dishes. Tangy and spicy! Slurp slurp! The bill was 342.

On 3rd September, I joined my friends for a dinner gathering at Sudhriti, an AC restaurant opposite North Bengal University. We had mutton polao, a chicken side dish, rosogollas and ice-cream. The food was great. We had contributed 110 each.

I also ate once at Tashi, located near my college. The place clearly has fallen in standards.

I tried the all new IRCTC food plaza at NJP station too. The food in this case was not the main attraction. What was really special was the never-before experience of having quality food at a railway station. I was surprised to see this well decorated, squeaky clean eatery! The food is really nice for a train station. A plate of egg biriyani + raita combo costs 80. Coffee was 10 a cup.

3 responses to “Eating Out”

  1. heyya!
    absolutely interestin topic 4 a foodie like me….!
    bein a ppl’s man huh?? gr8!
    but the chinese restaurant u wrote bout is tai wah n nt tiwah! how does the name matter?? well of course if a foodie arnd readin this article can try it out givin the rickshawwalla the correct name!!!
    jah onek chaap deoa hoye gelo i suppose…
    but buddy the article wth the cuisines n mentiond pricins will b a gr8 help particularly to the dine-out-starvd college goers!
    n an ode to taiwah….its absolutely awsum! one can seriously try out tht joint n da lip smackin chicken rice noodles they serve there! a connoisseurs recommendation!
    ciao man!

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