How To Configure Mozilla Firefox for Bengali

  • From Tools menu, select Options.
  • From this Options window, click on Contents.
  • Click on Advanced button in Fonts & Colors section.

Firefox Options

  • Click on the drop down list for option Fonts For. Select Bengali from this list.
  • Complete all the option fields as in the following image (you may choose your any favourite Bangla font) and then click on OK.

Firefox Fonts

15 responses to “How To Configure Mozilla Firefox for Bengali”

  1. dear sir,
    i am not able to read bengali language in mozilefirefox
    please help me out.
    i will wait for your reply

  2. The given solution is not working. Please help.
    I updated to Firefox 4.0.1 now i am unable to use Bengali…

  3. Hey, I dont know this site is still working or not!
    I am on Mac OSx and everything was fine until upgrading to firefox 7
    Now every time i try typing something in Bengali, the browser crashes. Do you have any suggestion for me?

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