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The gaming competition to be held at SIT was called off! Well we went there and waited for a good many hours and the games were slowly starting but then came the announcement that it’s cancelled! Crapola! Anyways, we made good use of the time eating in the canteens. They have a small but nice campus. The architecture of the main building was quite spectacular – spread in a circle with a central atrium with a lot of light coming through the translucent dome at the top. All Techno colleges have a similar architecture, I’m told. And we played carrom too! Their carrom board was sparkling new, our dilapidated hostel board a far cry from that! They have a fine basketball court with a neat gallery alongside for the audience. The computer lab room which was converted into the gaming room boasted of some 60 HP terminals with 19 inch displays. Most students except the final year people and some 3rd years wore uniforms. Vitamin G is in vogue and they were smoking it in open daylight in the nooks and corners of the campus. We came to know the reason why the event was cancelled. Apparently it had to do something with disputed semester results. The guys who were conducting the event were really polite though. They were really apologetic and returned entry fees to 2 of us who already paid up and played. One of them called us in the evening to inform that it is going to be held tomorrow again. But I don’t think I’ll be going. Can’t waste precious final year time!

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  1. A gaming competition is a nice idea.I wonder if it can be started in our college too, at least for some games.

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