Theory Of Sex

Sex is the celebration of highest human values from Ayn Rand’s philosophical viewpoint. Sex should be seen in the light of broader ethical and psychological theories introduced by Rand in Atlas Shrugged. It is not a mere animal instinct. It is not an act of depravity. People who have no purpose in life finds sex meaningless. Sex is a phsyical response to intellectual and spiritual values, a real concrete expression that could otherwise be felt only in the abstract.

5 responses to “Theory Of Sex”

  1. My god… yes, Ayn Rand is good… but I guess medical school is dampening your spirit. Otherwise why would you wanna write something on the theory of sex when the practical is the real deal…

    I am sure you’re gonna delete this comment!


    Anyways, keep at it! Kamasutraisms or Randisms (hyphenate it where you want to!) sex rocksss….

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