Get Back Old Sounds in Yahoo Messenger!

Version 8 onwards Yahoo Messenger boasts of a completely revamped interface. Everything – from how plugins are handled to how notifications sound – have been spruced up completely. Ever felt an urge to get back the old sounds? I did. I have a liking for the old sounds. Agreed that the new sounds are less intrusive, that is to say, don’t mess up your concentration in a big way and are probably suited to the no-frills chat of these days, pioneered by Gtalk I should say. But folks seriously into instant messaging may just find the old sounds perfect. And although I rarely use YM nowadays, I miss the knock-knock-knock when somebody comes online or the creeking of a less-oiled door if somebody leaves, sounds which have been etched into my memory!

So here’s how you can reclaim the sounds from the past!

DOWNLOAD Yahoo Messenger Old Sounds

  1. Download the pack of old sounds from the link above.
  2.  Extract the files from the archive. (by using Winrar for example)
  3. Copy all the files to this folder X:/Program Files/Yahoo!/Messenger/Media (where ‘X’ is the drive letter where your ‘Program Files’ folder is located, most often it is ‘C’). In the file replace dialog box that pops up, select ‘Replace All’ to replace the default sounds with your favourite sounds.
  4. There is no 4th step. 😀 You are all set to enjoy the original YM sounds!

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