Where to Buy Blank DVDs At Low Prices?

We all need them. Blank DVDs. There are many brands with Sony, Moser Baer, etc. priced a bit higher for their better build quality while Writex, Frontech and such cater to most run-of-the-mill basic tasks. Most stores will ask Rs. 14-15 per disc (Writex, Frontech) and some stores even more. But ideally it should be no more than Rs. 9. So you need to find out a decent store and stop paying more. There is this store in Jadavpur from where I buy my DVDs. Take the first left turn you come across on your way from 8B to Thana and you will see the store on the left side of the lane. They seem to be a speciality store on discs with all kind of discs from all brands stacked neatly with the price labelled on the case. Make no mistake – it is by no means any swank shop. Rather a very small shop, almost like a ticket-counter. You have to pay & collect your DVDs through the opening in the glass window.

While in Siliguri, I have got them a few times from a store called Computer Paradise for 11/- per disc. It is at Sevoke More, in the lane ajdacent to the medicine shop named Kolkata Medical Hall. A narrow staircase will take you to the store on first floor. It seems to be a godown basically. I have come to know of another store on Venus Road, in the lane just beside Citi Style where you get DVDs for just 9.

That’s so much for now. Where do you get your DVDs from?

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