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I just finished setting up a website for a friend. A senior friend to be precise, Dr. John J Sinha whom I came to know from my site itself. Johnda happens to be an alumnus from my medical college. As he stays in Siliguri it was easy for us to meet as well. I had drawn his attention to the rather unprofessional look of his company website and took upon the task of giving it a makeover. My targets were

  • give the site a professional look
  • make the site search-engine friendly
  • an upload system in the backend for clients to upload files

I have fulfilled all the targets and the site looks better than before. You can go and have a look. The address is Then tell me your thoughts and opinions. 🙂


5 responses to “Project QMT”

  1. Boy am I not glad I made the rather drab car drive to meet this young genius with an unmistakable glint in his eyes who calls himself Nipon?

    He is the no-nonsense types – absolutely professional when it comes to designing websites and studying his anatomy. I highly recommend him to anyone, whether it is designing a new website or doing a makeover of an existing one. He will tell you all the cons of your site, the host, and give you all the pros that he can conjure up – an absolute wizard.

    Disclaimer – This is no mutual-appreciation club! This is the honest truth folks.


  2. Good work and nice looking site.

    One suggestion – top banner has sub-tabs in orangeish font which merges too well with the central image color. It took me 30 secs to figure out where to click next. Something to think abt.


  3. Nice work there Nipon. I had to check with url to find out it was powered by wordpress.

    Header seems too busy to me. I mean try to keep it light. The font tab is fine. Just a rework with the header should do.

    All the best.


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