In the Broadband Super Highway

Happy new year folks! BSNL has kept their promise. I am getting more than 1700 kbps of speed. Here is a screenshot of uTorrent. Incredible. I am just witnessing an overnight revolution in Indian broadband!

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  1. Hey can we exchange r links .Dude check out my blogspace…… and let me know if you can add me to your blogroll.Thanks dude and hv a gr8 year ahead

  2. Huh! I really envy U. I am on BSNL’s 900 UL plan and supposed to get 256Kbps…. Getting speeds like 40-50Kbps from when BSNL has launched their 2Mbps plan. At some places their infrastructure just cant handle this speed boost.

  3. “Superhighway” speeds with caps! – I would not term that *real* broadband – not yet at least.

    Nice blog Nipon – I passed out of NBMC in 1997.

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for your comment.

    You were from NBMC! Wow!

    Dr. Deb is still teaching us anatomy. He is HOD now and Dean of Students affairs. Also Dr. PK Mitra of Biochem

  5. Hi Nipon,

    So “Piku” is still there with his biochemistry and his notes on genetics?

    And Dr. Deb with his flair (for anatomy and the fairer sex? 🙂 ).

    Come to think of you young guys and the great time which I am sure you are having, I begin to feel old! I no longer practice medicine, but I run a small IT-Enabled business. Details follow via e-mail.

    Once again, just love your site. Simple, clean, and honest!



  6. we r quite the speed king to quote deep purple!!
    at par with our western counterparts that we r i’m really proud of bsnl broadband service!!!
    hoards of luck nd kudos to them!!!

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