How To: Bangla Chat

Avro makes instant messaging in Bengali child’s play. MSN Messenger (I have tested Windows Messenger Live) and Trillian works great with Bangla text. You can simultaneously key in text in both English and Bengali – changing the input language seamlessly at the press of F12 hotkey.

It has not been possibe to write Banlga in Yahoo Messenger directly. But can be achieved indirectly through use of Avro’s ‘Through clipboard’ mode — just remember not to use the right ‘shift’ key while typing in clipboard mode.

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  1. “Through clipboard” mode is removed from Avro Keyboard 4 to provide support for additional AltGr and Shift+AltGr keyboard layers.

    However, still you can use Avro Keyboard for Bangla Chatting/Instant messaging if you use a full Unicode supported IM/Chat client.

    For a web based free Instant Messaging Client, use Meebo (

    Meebo supports popular IM platforms like MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, Jabber, ICQ etc. It also has an optional Bangla interface.


    For a desktop application, use Trillian (
    Trillian also supports MSN, Yahoo, ICQ etc. Gtalk is not yet supported, and you don’t need it. Google’s GTalk supports Unicode.

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