Bengali in MS Word – how to?

Thanks to Avro, the numero uno Bengali input software, working with MS Word in Bangla is just child’s play. No more issues e.g. no spell-check errors, seamless transition from English mode to Bangla mode at the press of a key (F12) or a single click.

If you are using Notepad, the notepad file has to be saved in Unicode format. That’s all.

In fact, in all Windows applications which have support for Unicode you can type in Bangla.

6 responses to “Bengali in MS Word – how to?”

  1. Hat baria cuina toka,
    Monbaria cui.
    Dui k ame ak korena,
    Ak k kore dui.
    Tui kotai cara jabe?
    Pa baralai, Paiar caiai amara tui pabe.

  2. ভাই,
    আপনি যে বলেছেন Avro Keyboard ছাড়া MS Word এ লেখা যাবে না কিন্তু Sutonny MJ দ্বারাও তো লেখা যাবে।

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