SMS should be in syllabus

The Madhyamik (secondary examination of my state) syllabus has been thoroughly revised. In our time — I gave Madhyamik in 2003 — we had telegram-writing. It carried 10 marks in the English paper. Now that the syllabus has been restructured, I wonder if it is still there. I, for one thing, think that telegram-writing should be phased out from the syllabus. After all, who bothers to send a telegram these days? Instead SMS-writing should be incorporated in the syllabus. This is one way we can keep up with the changing times. Be it an SMS or a telegram, the challenge before the pupil is the same — that is, summing up a given situation in a concise form.

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  1. Its great to see a JU student come up with such a fantastic blog. Congrats boss. When I was in first year, I didn’t know what the word “blog” meant!!
    Btw, I am Sayan, CSE, JU, 2005 batch. Really impressed by the work. Great work, junior! Rock on!

  2. hmmmmmmmmmm…. i dont think its one taught us hw 2 sms, we learnt it on our own.i dont think this is sumthin 2 b taught.i think this wll b too much of spoon feedin

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  4. Hey that was a great blog. seriously cool thinking…telegrams have gone down the drains since times immemorial and after all in this zone of electronic media, hardly one thinks of telegrams but it is more the electronic landscape that kids of today love to explore. So y only remain limited to sms, y not the syllabuses start teaching about other e-facts ???

    btw, me too a student of JU, english department [post-grads2005] and me too overwhelmed to see you begining a blog as i came to know about it in IT field…its great…just keep it up Nipon…

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