Happy New Year!

Wish you all a Happy New Year! Let 2006 be your annus mirabilis!

Here are my New Year resolutions — taken from my diary, things that I have been kept telling myself throughout 2005.  Realisations of yesteryear become resolutions of new year.

Do your job as soon as you get it. Don’t wait for the deadline, even if it is very far away. Do it right now and stay ahead of the rest. Anxiety will never be able to grasp you.

Sleep is the best way to combat fatigue and invigorate one with energy and vitality. Sleep well. Have enough of it. Always take bed by 12 at night. If late, you will fell lethargic the following day.

Practice what you preach. You must yourself act and behave as you believe. Your actions are the translations of your thoughts. So, do as you believe. Once you do that, you will gain confidence.

Whatever is good in life is not permanent. So make the best and most of it.

Don’t strain your eyes sitting long hours before the monitor. You LOSE a lot in the long run. Take adequate breaks in between.

There is so much to learn in this world. Our forefathers have left behind many things for us to learn. One should learn instead of indulging in frivolous amusements.

Get active and get organized. Bring order and discipline in your life by organizing your belongings properly. Next time you need a book, you won’t have to search for it frantically.

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  1. Hi,i m student of HS…so i m quite nervouse about Xam… i want 2 wish for every HS student for better luck for his/her forthcoming Xam……………………pls pray for me bye

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