Politicians to sit for test 😉

Many a times we hear a cry that politicians should retire, at a certain fixed age like other professions. This is a well justified demand. We can expect the people who govern the country to be efficient. But then a pertinent question arises – what should be the ideal age when a politician should retire. Some say it should be 65 while some others argue that it should be 75. I, however, don’t believe in any such age-barriers. A 70-year old person may be more energetic than a 30-year old. It all depends on how one lives his life.

I have a different idea. I think that the politicians should be made to sit in an annual examination. The exam should be a simple one focussing on reasoning and analytical skills as well as memory test, also touching upon elementary arithmetic and a bit of G.K. on current affairs. A pass marks will be set. One has to pass to be eligible to contest in elections. The consequences will be great and far-reaching. Half-literate politicians will no longer enable to occupy important chairs anymore. Many a times we have to suffer for illogical decisions taken by imbecile ministers. This will put an end to that.

It is a nearly impossible proposition. All politicians will vehemently protest against such an exam-system and even if this ever executed in practice our corrupted netas will soon reduce it to a mockery by cheating, leaking the question paper, bribing the invigilators, forcing the invigilators to cooperate at gun-point, and what not? Such is their nature!

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