Thoughts On Deepika Paadukone’s Empowering Video

The said video seems to be an internet phenomenon. Although I think it is a dangerous trend for a society where the thought leaders are actors and singers, instead of authors and philosophers, I watched the video. Apparently is a sweet message that celebrates womanhood – a woman should make her own choices; she is not bound to any man, it is her life.

But it sounds arrogant and discriminatory, borderlining on ridiculous. While every relationship should be based on mutual love and respect, in the video the actor tries to establish a right of “choice” in a relationship in a holier than thou fashion. It’s like: I am Deepika Paadukone… I have chosen you, be grateful (else I will kick you in the arse).

Besides, I have an issue with the target audience of this message. Surely the truly empowered women (and men) don’t need to lectured like this. And those who aren’t actually empowered might get confused by a pseudo intellectual campaign like this.

I think women empowerment starts from gender equality. The differences between men and women add variety and texture to life, making life more interesting and fun. But they must have equal rights, equal opportunities and equal status in the society. It is really unfortunate that in our third world country, the situation is far from how I would like it to be. Only in the northern European countries like Norway, Sweden, women are truly empowered. Interestingly, these countries have very high HDI.

In our stupid society, for women to be really in a position where they are admired for their work just as men would be, there should be more women in the important positions. I wish to see more female administrators, doctors, scientists, authors, industrialists, and so on. I am still waiting for the day when a female police officer will be patrolling my city to protect us from crimes in the night and female cab drivers taking us from place to place will be a common sight.