Wise Owl: The Most Popular Cafe in Town

The most popular cafe in town, may be not so much for the food, but surely for the classy ambience. Very laid-back and delayed waiting which is good for the conversationists. The place is always packed with a long waiting queue in the evening. Menu offers great variety and prices are really low. According to a statistician friend, what would cost 350 here would make a staggering bill of 1700 at Starbucks. They use Twinnings tea-bags in their teas. If coffee is your thing, have the wise owl special cappuccino. You must avoid the lemon iced tea which has lost its earlier zing and tastes very bitter these days. The muffins are always great. They have stopped selling the cookies, a regret. A good indulgence would be the ‘Avalanche’, a big bowl of chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream with a dash of chocolate sauce. They serve great breakfast too. One must place the order by 11 am as they are quite strict with the time.