Highlights of Last Evening

Last night I attended the wedding of a very close friend’s elder sister. I went straight from work joining two friends – Boroboudi and Pedo – on the way. Here are the highlights of the evening.

  • Amartya on me – Jack Sparrow
  • Pedo, who saw me after long, on me – Have you done some treatment for hair growth :P
  • Boroboudi on me – Showstopper :-)
  • Amartya wore a custom designed dress. Very classy yet laidback.
  • Uncle wore a gorgeous golden punjabi. What a statement!
  • Aunty had a flower in her hair. It was her birthday in fact :D
  • Surprise of the evening was the arrival of Amartya’s girlfriend who arrived despite exams. She came with her parents.
  • There weren’t anyone of our age except one guy from Amartya’s college named who briefly exchanged hellos with us. The only lady from our age happened to be extremely pretty, tall, radiant, and also married. Amartya din’t introduce us, the bugger. Saw him introducing her to his girlfriend though and they friended up!
  • I liked the food and ended up helping myself with three servings of the mutton biriyani. Today morning I dreamt of the pineapple blossom. Aha!
  • The venue was Burdwan Rajbari.
  • Pedo has become more nonchalant, in a royal way.
  • Boroboudi kept an eye on both of us and summoned us back if we strayed far!
  • Met Subhodip’s mother.
Nipon Haque at a friend's sister's wedding.
At friend’s sister’s wedding.