Bohemian: The global adventure of Bengali Cuisine

I first visited Bohemian during Pujo last year. And what an amazing experience it was! Each and every item on the menu reflected sheer brilliance and, thanks to our large group of school friends, we had tasted and savoured almost everything on the menu. Well, almost! I also had the opportunity to talk to Chef Joy Banerjee then, the man behind the adventure. I revisited Bohemian on last Sunday, only to be pleasantly surprised again.

Bohemian is clearly different from other Bengali eateries, for it is at Bohemian that the global adventure of Bengali cuisine begins! The adventure comes at a price though, but the incredible experience makes up for it. Where else would you get a delightfully tasting concoction of chicken, pomegranate and spicy mustard! Delicacies like bacon wrapped chickens, served in a tangy gravy of aam kasundi, to choose from. Or the Mutton Vindaloo for that matter. And desserts like Gondhoraj Julep to wash it down with. Then there is also the Gondhoraj Souffle of course, and, if you are not the calorie freak, you could also order your ‘Death by Chocolate’. The menu in fact can be a bit overwhelming and the knowledgeable staff do give some helpful pointers.

Gondhoraj Souffle at Bohemian
Gondhoraj Souffle at Bohemian

On my third visit, I got to taste two Bekti dishes: Gondhoraj Bhetki and grilled Bhetki with Bengal berry sauce. The Malpua Cheesecake turned out to be a soul-filling dessert. I am yet to try their pastas and hope to try on my next visit.

 The theme of the place could be labelled Gothic, as someone has pointed out in a review, yet very tasteful; it only gets louder on the walls of the washroom! What I don’t like though is how the washroom door opens right into the seating area, something you may not really appreciate while occupying the two-seater at the far end of the restaurant.