Bhaag Milkha Bhaag: Director Got Carried Away!

15 minutes into the movie and a mindless bollywood song starts, and I am thinking what I am doing here. Another one hour into the movie, I already regret my decision!

It is a good thing that Bollywood is making movies based on real heroes. Legends like Milkha Singh should be revered and celebrated. But in a movie like this, realism took a backseat. And people going “balle balle” every fifteen minutes made it a horrible watch! A story that could have been told in two hours straight, went on like forever. The flashbacks to Milkha’s childhood were okay but the intolerable filmy romance was not. (Nor was the predictable wronged-lad-getting-recruited-by-local-gangsta-storyline!) Glad that they at least kept the race sequences realistic, the second half was certainly more watchable.

A few words on the actors. Nehru was amusing – he looked more like one of the villains from those old Bond flicks! Sonam Kapoor looked pretty and, as a saving grace, din’t have much dialog to deliver. Farhan Akhtar quite got into the character, with his chiseled look.