Eagerly Awaiting The Green Party

The shadowy and murky state of politics in India could get a fresh lease of life if the country gets its own Green party. Taking cues from the Europe and US, the Green Party in India is being spearheaded by no other than Subhash Dutta, noted environment activist from Kolkata, who has already been in talks with the Green Party leaders (TOI) of Europe. If everything goes well, the Green Party is going to be a reality all too soon and will be contesting the WB Assembly elections in 2011. Sick and tired of the existing parties and their shady politcal gameplans , I can’t wait for the Green Party to launch – I am already citing Green Party of India as my political inclination on Facebook and following @green4india on Twitter! I would love to see them in the political fray and sure enough, vote for them!

Subhas Dutta vs Subhash Chakraborty
Subhash Dutta vs Subhas Chakraborty, ex-transport minister

Cartoon courtesy: The Telegraph