Sharatchandra: My Favourite Author

I have read all the works by Sharatchandra, my favourite author. That includes all novels, short stories, plays, letters, essays, unfinished works, most of which I had read in school years. Whatever I was yet to read, I completed reading in the first two years of college. By the third year in my college, I had already read Srikanta 4 times, Pather Dabi 3 times, all his novels and short stories at least twice – with the exception of Grihadaha which I fully read only once, a fact that can be attributed to its huge volume, but I reread it in parts many times.

I remember reading Sharatchandra all the time. My teen years were full of his novels. Every vacation I would read his works, again and again. I have been out of touch for years though. I invite all fans of the great author to join the Sharatchandra group I created on Facebook. Sharatchandra Facebook group