The Da Vinci Code

Just finished reading Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. This book is amazing. Based on facts. The best part is that I learnt so much. Came across the word hermaphrodite so many times in biology but never knew how it came; why the Olympics are held every 4 years and also the reason behind its symbol and other such facts. But the Divine Number PHI is simply mind-boggling. And all that holy grail funda – mind-blowing and worth knowing. And believe me, Leonardo Da Vinci was my hero ever since I read about him in history in class 7 – renaissance period. He was a versatile genius – architect, musician, anatomist, inventor, engineer, sculptor, geometer, and painter. So nothing could equal my pleasure when I got a book in hand that champions Da Vinci’s brilliance. Superb story telling and great suspense. Louvre Museum now tops the chart of places I plan to visit in future.

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"The Da Vinci Code" by @niponhaque



  1. I came across your website searching for info on hermaphrodites, which I am one. I had read The Da Vinci Code. In it, Brown writes Da Vinci was obsessed with hermaphrodites. I am trying to find any other references to Da Vinci’s painting of hermaphrodites, a source I can quote to my mother, who thinks only gays think Da Vinci had such an obsession.

  2. hi!DVC s realy mindblowing.nd wat u hve said s realy nice.i’ve recently completed d book.nd one more thing,i want 2 know much more about PHI.can u plz give me any suggestionas about d topic!,