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19 Dec 2018

2018 iPad 6th Gen 9.7 inch Review

As the person who has built his own [powerful desktop PC](, I was never...
20 Oct 2018

ব্যোমকেশ গোত্র রিভিউ

অজিতের বর্তমান চরিত্রায়ন হাস্যকর এবং অসহ্য। কি করে পরিচালক তাঁর তৃতীয় ছবিতে লালমোহনের সাথে অজিতকে গুলিয়ে ফেললেন এটা ...
26 Aug 2018

Best Budget Android Phone in India: Moto G6

The original Moto G was a game changer that paved the way to budget smartphones. It was a stellar phone at that time. A...
24 Aug 2018

Thoughts on Buying a New Phone in India

iPhone vs Android ----------------- When I had decided initially to buy a high end smartphone this time, I considered ...
19 Aug 2018

REVIEW: Men's Grooming Products in India

Until recently, there existed a vacuum in the Indian market - while the market was flooded with grooming products for t...