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General Physician

Welcome to my blog!

Hello! Welcome to my personal blog!


I am a general physician based in Kolkata. I love my profession. I earned my M.B.B.S. degree from North Bengal Medical College, Siliguri, in 2012. During my internship in 2011, I was interviewed by News Time when I had to escort a trauma patient to Kolkata. After college, I returned home and joined Sambhunath Pandit Hospital as a Housesurgeon. Now I work in the high dependency unit at Fortis Hospital. I had attended St. Lawrence High School for schooling.

Dr. Nipon Haque with his patient
Seeing an elderly patient in a medical camp. October 2011.


I am a self taught geek and a DIY enthusiast. I have been designing my own websites since school days. I have been mentioned in the Wikipedia and কালের কণ্ঠ for my involvement with OmicronLab. I was also featured on the Mozilla Blog during the Mozilla Service Week 2009.

I drive myself and wash my own car.

Check a list of gadgets, gear and apps I use – Stuff I use.


Other than a regular dose of books, music and movies, the following hobbies keep me busy.


It has been a fascination since my childhood. I used to pore over the articles on astronomy if I came across one.  Especially, the science section of Anandamela, the Bengali periodical for kids, had regular updates on space science. In more recent times, I have watched the Cosmos series by Carl Sagan. It was a great visualisation of the ideas I had so far read on paper. Carl Sagan’s disciple Neil Tyson continues to ‘preach’ cosmology to the masses. I also read up articles on the internet from time to time. The vastness of the universe never ceases to amaze me. The universe expanding since the big bang, with its galaxies, black holes, string theory, matter-antimatter are great food for thought. Even our planet earth is full of mysteries yet to be unraveled.


History is a more recent interest which I have acquired since 2013. I like reading up, on the internet, on the history of mankind. Other than Indian history, I have read up on the history of the US, Russia, China and some European countries. I remember one lesson I picked up from the history classes in school: if man doesn’t know his history, he is going to do the same mistakes as his ancestors.


I also write posts on Bong Buzz, a group blog that I founded with my friends.


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