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11 Dec 2009

Why Bitstream Isn't Cool

Pranab -

Do you think that with daily sales into millions locally and their myopic, politicized vision they care about their web footprint?

Anjan K Das -

you are right, now i know why I cannot access most Bengali newspaper sites. please keep campaigning till they change!

Nipon -

Sir, There are ways you can read Bengali newspapers online. If you are using IE you can read it after installing the Bitstream Web Font player (can be done from the ABP site itself). On Firefox, install the incredibly helpful extension ‘Padma’ and you are all set. @Pranab: True! ABP’s ad tag goes - read ABP else you lag behind (পড়তে হয়, নইলে পিছিয়ে পড়তে হয়). But they are seriously lagging behind on the web front, clinging to obsolete non-compliant encoding! The Star Ananda website is in Unicode though! (that the site was last updated ages ago is another thing)!

Pallab -

Totally agree with you. Btw, I had no idea that BBC had a bengali website. Thanks for that.

Nipon -

Hi Pallab, Welcome. The BBC website is pretty neat. On the downside, it hardly serves any Indian content.

Romit -

I think the major reason that are not moving to Unicode is that their complete internal workflow in non unicode based. And point 3-4 in your post basically says that. Their complete process from Reporters to Printers require age old technology, which is going to be painful to upgrade to Unicode. In this workflow showing news on the internet (for free) has very little importance. This line from colloquial bengali basically sums it up > cholchhe choluk i.e. don’t fix it until it breaks.

Nipon -

Only time will tell if we can get rid of this “Cholche cholbe” mode ever! In the next decade may be…

Visiting Cards Printing -

Yah ….. I Can’t agree more to your comments …. thanks for bringing to my notice that BBC is in bengali as well ….