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Theory Of Sex

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[sreyashi]( “sreyashi.bose@gmail.com”) -


[joseph]( “mail@mail.com”) -

thats’ it ?

Nipon -

Yeah, that’s it…. to get the whole idea of these few words you must read Ayn Rand.

Pranab Chatterjee -

My god… yes, Ayn Rand is good… but I guess medical school is dampening your spirit. Otherwise why would you wanna write something on the theory of sex when the practical is the real deal… I am sure you’re gonna delete this comment! :P Anyways, keep at it! Kamasutraisms or Randisms (hyphenate it where you want to!) sex rocksss….

[raoasaheb jadhav]( “raosahebjadhav@gmail.com”) -

Sex is powerful tool betwen two sex , no life without sex.

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