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30 Jul 2005

The Da Vinci Code

[Md. Shabbir]( “”) -

hey nipon this is,you write well.ah, very well to be honest.feel proud that i come to know you. cheers.

Nipon -

thanx yaar.

The Da Vinci Code — the movie » Niponwave -

[…] I must say that I am not impressed. This is what I had apprehended. One reason behind the huge success of the worldwide bestseller — with more than 60.5 million copies in print (as of May 2006) — was the great writing style of Dan Brown. Such a complex idea presented in a fast-paced thriller that makes the reader virtually run with the story! The movie has tried to keep up with the pace of the novel but in doing so it has failed to deliver the idea. […]

[bluediamond]( “”) -

where did hermophrodite and olympics story came? i don remember tat part of the explanations.. :S

Kitrina -

I came across your website searching for info on hermaphrodites, which I am one. I had read The Da Vinci Code. In it, Brown writes Da Vinci was obsessed with hermaphrodites. I am trying to find any other references to Da Vinci’s painting of hermaphrodites, a source I can quote to my mother, who thinks only gays think Da Vinci had such an obsession.

[Rimpi]( “”) -

hi!DVC s realy mindblowing.nd wat u hve said s realy nice.i’ve recently completed d book.nd one more thing,i want 2 know much more about PHI.can u plz give me any suggestionas about d topic!,

Nipon -

Hi Rimpi, I am glad you liked my post. DVC is just awesome. For info on PHI, you can check this link -

Pre-ordered ‘The Lost Symbol’ -

[…] franchise. It is worthwhile to look at what I had written after reading DVC, back in 2005 - read my initial reaction after reading Da Vinci Code. I did go to Pantaloons this evening. Today being the last day of the sales season, the stock was […]