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23 Jun 2006

Show Off Your Music

Do you listen to a lot of music? Then you must be telling your friends more often than not what you are listening to. There are cool ways you can let the world know what music you are playing – online. With the help of plugins you can display the current track you are playing in the status message of your messenger. The pic below shows my status in Windows Live Messenger. Windows Live Messenger Status Message Yahoo Messenger Plugins:

Windows Live Messenger:


So much for chat clients. You may also want to display your latest audio addiction on your blog. Thanks to social music sites like you can do that with ease. Download and install the Audioscrobbler plugin for your media player software. Select a nice design for your music chart, get the required html code and put in on your site. You can also use it as your forum or e-mail signature. You are all set now – hit ‘play’. And yeah, don’t forget to set your time zone in site preferences for accurate audio-scroblling. Bring out the latent audio scrobbler in you. :lol: