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23 Jun 2006

Show Off Your Music

Jeba -

I have been using similiar plugin on yahoo messenger for years ;) Jeba

Nipon -

The latest yahoo messenger 8 beta does not support these plugins though.

Qwerty Maniac -

Edit your hindi song tags man… and make better :P

Gigi -

For Yahoo! Messenger 8.0 the only add-on that will change the status is HyperIM. It supports most popular IM clients and media-players all in one.

[Skye]( “”) -

Hyper IM does NOT work on Yahoo 8, only changes status to what you have ON Yahoo stauts already

Gigi -

“Hyper IM does NOT work on Yahoo 8, only changes status to what you have ON Yahoo stauts already” HyperIM 2.0.8 and later works just fine with YM 8.0. Make sure you are not using some BETA version of YM 8.0, or some version of HyperIM which was released before YM 8.0 even appeared. And that there isn’t some other 3rd program which interferes with the status changing stuff (that behaviour you are talking about would only appear if some program would use the olde way of changing the status, like some Winamp plugins etc).

[vikas]( “”) -

hi can u plz tell me how to put weblink in yahoo messnger starus…. i want to show the word “my orkut profile” in my yahoo status… but the link to my orkut profile would be hidden nd not be shown there in yahoo statis “". means ppl view my status as my orkut profie not my weblink plz help me to make my yahoo status mail me at

[LSG]( “”) -

you just have to put ur title before the link like this: my orkut profile

[Andres]( “”) -

it seems i cant get it to work with windows vista and windows media player 11 with live messenger official release any help?

Nipon -

Hi Andres, did this occur suddenly? Then the plugin must have got disabled after WMP crashed. In that case, you need to go to options > plugins and re-enable the WMP plugin for Live Messenger. Alternatively, you can re-install Live messenger. Install it with admin rights i.e. ‘Run as administrator’ from the right-click context menu of the setup file.