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27 Feb 2006

Sending E-mails in Bangla

[prasun sharma chowdhury]( “”) -

i have changed it to UTF8 but how to write in bangla ?? after all there no bengali fonts in compose page. pls help me…………….

S.Rahman -

When writing emails in Bangla, don’t forget to check the spelling… When you can’t remember the Bengali meaning of a English word check the Online Bengali Dictionary:

Shafiq -

____________@@@__@_@@@@_________________ ____________@@__@@_____@________________ ___________@@@_@__@_____@_______________ __________@@@@_____@@___@@@@@@__________ _________@@@@@______@@_@______@@________ ________@@@@@_______@@________@_@@______ ________@@@@@_______@_______@___________ ________@@@@@@_____@_______@____________ _________@@@@@@____@______@_____________ __________@@@@@@@@_______@______________ __@@@_________@@@@@@@_@@________________ @@@@@@@__________@@_____________________ _@@@@@@@_________@______________________ __@@@@@@_________@@_____________________ ___@@@___@_______@@_____________________ ___________@_____@__@___________________ _______@@@@_@___@_______________________ _____@@@@@@__@_@@_______________________ ____@@@@@@@___@@________________________ ____@@@@@______@________________________ ____@@_________@________________________ _____@_________@________________________ _____________@_@________________________ ______________@@________________________ ______________@_________________________

[Pelican]( “”) -

The whole thing is useless if the receiver needs to go through that bloody complicated font installation to read mails in Bangla, sender also requires font installation, and that would be computer specific…..I would just be happy to use English or Benglish as such…. Changing UTF-8 to Gmail is not going to give you the ability to write in Bangla, you also need font installation…….

Nipon -

Hi Pelican, Easy man! what are you talking about? Windows comes with a Bangla font called Vrinda by default. So there is no need to install any fonts. :) That said, to view any Indian language text (e.g. Hindi, Bengali) properly you also need to to install something called ‘Support for complex script and right-to-left languages’. This is not installed on XP automatically, so when you are installing XP you need to install this as well. Else, later you can install this by inserting the XP installation disc anytime. On Vista however, this complex script support comes by default.

[Lutfur Rahman]( “”) -

i received an email from bangladesh they write in bangla but when i try to read it it is horroble formet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so how can it will translated to englinsh ???????????????????? or how can i see same email as they send Lutfur Rahman Babla London

Nipon -

Are you able to see Bangla text on other websites. If you can, then probably the sender sent it using some wrong encoding. You are using Yahoo mail?

[rafiq]( “”) -

I have received a mail in bangla. but it shows incorrect format.I use samsung galaxy 8.which software I need?