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26 Jul 2006

Reading Spree

In all my school years it never really struck me that I can actually get books from the bookstalls along the footpaths of Golpark. As this revelation dawned on me, I have been a regular customer there. The books there are a steal if you can strike a good deal. You may choose to buy or borrow. I of course choose the latter. For FPS by Chetan Bhagat and another novel by Sidney Sheldon, (It’s not that I am a great Sheldon fan. I have never read Sheldon before and wanted to try) I was charged Rs. 110. On returning them I got back Rs. 85! The books are either secondhand purchases or illegal prints. While reading the Sheldon book, I found several pages missing in two places which was really disturbing. I had to download a PDF to read the missing parts. When I borrowed Angels & Demons and Outbreak, I had to pay by Rs. 150 which I din’t expect. The books I returned have already made Rs. 85 and I needed to cough up 65 rupees more which I didn’t have. Taken aback, I asked the man to exclude one book stating my problem. He then asked me how much I had and satisfied himself with the lone fifty-rupees-note I had, leaving me walking my way back home. Last week, I got Digital Fortress and The Other Side of Me. I am still reading them. Cross-posted on Bong Buzz