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04 Feb 2006

Kolkata Book Fair

[anirudha]( “”) -

ya i agree but the quiz is not as easy as it seems and is not certainly one of our N.C ’s classes too!!! just jokin.

Nipon -

NC classes…. :D Aniruddha, u were from Patha Bhavan or Jodhpur Boys ?

[boi premik]( “”) -

boi melay pran achchey

[payel]( “”) -

i also dont want boi mela to move to somewhere else

Arif -

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[Souvik Nath]( “”) -

Kolkata Book Fair is one of the biggest and popular book fairs in this world. For more than 30 years it used to take place in Maidan,Kolkata. This book fair was celebrated on a huge ground with thousands of book stalls.It was not only a book fair but also a common place where many writers,artist,publishers and intellectuals come together and share their creativities . But from 2007 the venue of this famous book fair has to be rescheduled to another place due to High Court’s decision for so called creation of pollution , though people are more prone to enjoy this fair in Maidan.Now the fate of the fair is depending on the finding of alternative place and the rescheduling in Maidan.I think it can take place in Maidan,ofcourse taking some active steps to reduce pollution.

e book -

e book… Nice place. Hope you will write more information for us! I am going to visit it….


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