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01 Apr 2015

REVIEW: iOttie Easy Flex 2 dashboard phone mount

There are many phone mounts for cars out there in the market, most of which are meant for the windscreen, but not the dashboard. They do a fine job when stuck to the windscreen but won’t stick to the dashboard and come off a few days later. The glass surface allows good adhesion while the rough surface of the dashboard doesn’t.  However, I am not in favour of windscreen mounts as they block the view and needed one for the dashboard of my Alto K10. Other than good anchorage, the other feature to look for when buying a phone mount is the strength of the hinge because most cheap mounts turn wobbly soon when the phone can no longer be set in your preferred angle. The third feature to look for is the range of motion allowed by the mount, essential to set your phone at a desired angle. After much search, I came across iOttie Easy Flex 2 dashboard mount on iBhejo selling for ₹1536. This is a great product from the iOttie stable which actually stays rooted to the dashboard - solid as a rock! The phone mount has a firm grip on the phone and the phone can be turned at any angle. The robust mount actually holds that exact angle and doesn’t waver a bit even on the nastiest of roads. It is really one of the best products I have bought.