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26 Dec 2005

How to write in Bengali

bangla -

hello there, you may want to check out the site. they’re very keen to promote bangla computing. check them out.

onike -

my name is onike hussain

onike -


[humayra]( “”) -

how would u write my name in bengali ?…it is humayra hossain?

[tuffail rahman]( “”) -

how would u write my name in bengali?

[parag bhadra]( “”) -

how would u write my name in bengali parag bhadra

[Darshanee Lallsing]( “”) -

How do you write my name in Bengali. How do you say Good Morning in Bengali?

[raphael shiva mitra]( “”) -

how can i write my name in bengali . RAPHAEL SHIVA MITRA

vikas -

how to write “india” in bengali

vikas -

can i have the reply soon.

Nipon -

Hi Vikas, You can write any word on your Windows computer using Avro which you can download from the downloads page here -

[tiffany]( “”) -

shuvo hok tomar din, sob

[Satyajit Seal]( “”) -

Hello, I have windows 2007 in my personal PC. How can I write bengali in MS-Word?

[Aysha]( “”) -

hey wotz up

[Aysha]( “”) -

kitha khorag

testAuthor_192 -

lkasd fkas dfkj k dfk adf ladfkl lkadf testComment_184

[tanmoy]( “”) -

How can i Use Bangla Font In Facebook?

Nipon -

Just type in Bengali on Facebook.

[Garth]( “”) -

I would like to learn how to write Abdul Garfur in Bengalie.. Anyone that can help me please do…………..thanks Garth

unknown -

I think here you can get detail about writing and viewing bengali:

[Anshuman]( “”) -

How can i write ‘Anshuman’ in bengali?

Kontho Reporter -

Avro keyboard is best for bangla type , you can download it from OmicronLab official website just search in google and download this softwere. When it will downloaded install it and open this softwere, then press F12 to change your language english to bangla. Thanks, Regards, Reporter Kontho News