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27 Feb 2006

How To: Bangla Chat

Mehdi Hasan -

“Through clipboard” mode is removed from Avro Keyboard 4 to provide support for additional AltGr and Shift+AltGr keyboard layers. However, still you can use Avro Keyboard for Bangla Chatting/Instant messaging if you use a full Unicode supported IM/Chat client. For a web based free Instant Messaging Client, use Meebo ( Meebo supports popular IM platforms like MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, Jabber, ICQ etc. It also has an optional Bangla interface. or, For a desktop application, use Trillian ( Trillian also supports MSN, Yahoo, ICQ etc. Gtalk is not yet supported, and you don’t need it. Google’s GTalk supports Unicode.

[tom]( “”) -

Wats your name.

[tom]( “”) -

come on.

[maz]( “”) -

if you want hard co sex calllll me on 07962388601

[nibir]( “”) -

hei begali friends

[nibir]( “”) -

goodmorning dhaka

azim -

do somthin

samsul -


Bangla.IM -

use http://www.Bangla.IM : Bangla Email, Bangla Chat, Bangla Social Network