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How I protect my computer

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The Hammer -

Thanx, nipon. That was some really useful info!

VK Narayanan -

Hi Nippon - Thank you for dropping by at My Dhaba and for being our guest of the day. So glad to know that you liked the contents. It would our pleasure to read your mom’s feedbacks as well. Take good care of you. Cheers!

Pallab -

I prefer to go for paid products.I have Kaspersky as my antivirus and Webroot Spysweeper as my antispyware software.Due to some reason ZA creates a problem after I switched to Dataone.So i am using KAH for now. And yes do get a good browser www.better-browser.com

Nipon -

Hi Pallab, I am also using Dataone and ZA simultaneously. It initially gave a prob then I re-installed ZA and no more probs. I use FF mainly and sometimes Opera.

[snahashis]( “snahashis@gmail.com”) -

hi nippon thanks.how are u

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