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11 Feb 2010

Google Stole My Idea?

Victor Avinash Sinha -

I too stole!

Nipon -

Well we are friends so not an issue. :)

[Random Passerby]( “”) -

Now that’s disturbing… esp, 4 a Google Buzz fan like me… I’m new to this site… what’s this Bong Buzz?

Nipon -

Well Bong Buzz is a group blog run by me and my friends. Right now it is undergoing a redesign.

Mits -

Google wave is dead.. Google Buzz might follow the same path. Looks like your “ideaz” are jinxed for others. lol :D

Nipon -

Ya wave is dead. Buzz well I am not sure. But I hate it myself though. You see any idea, for it to be a success, should be totally original. But when the name itself is borrowed it gotta be jinxed