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REVIEW: GOgroove SMARTmini AUX Bluetooth

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The  GOgroove Smart mini AUX Bluetooth is a nifty product that lets me play audio over Bluetooth. The calls, voice-guided navigation and music – everything play through the car audio system. It lets me drive hands-free without losing focus on the road. This Bluetooth kit from GOgroove is meant for cars without Bluetooth functionality, like my Alto K10. The audio system of your car needs to have a working aux port for this device to work.


The neat package includes:


The SMARTmini can be plugged in directly to the aux port of the car or it can be plugged in to the mount. In the second case, the supplied extension wire connects the mount with the aux port wile the base is fixed to a location of your choice with the 3M sticker that comes with the package. The device needs to be charged, once in a while, with the provided USB-to-3.5mm cable. It can draw power from any USB car charger. When not charging, I store it in the glovebox. There is a single button with the following functions

Useful features



I had got it for ₹2390 on iBhejo.com in February 2015.

Long term ownership

After more than two years of use, the SMARTmini continues to serve me well. The battery is strong as ever.

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