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10 Sep 2007

Eating Out

[chandradeep]( “”) -

heyya! absolutely interestin topic 4 a foodie like me….! bein a ppl’s man huh?? gr8! but the chinese restaurant u wrote bout is tai wah n nt tiwah! how does the name matter?? well of course if a foodie arnd readin this article can try it out givin the rickshawwalla the correct name!!! jah onek chaap deoa hoye gelo i suppose… but buddy the article wth the cuisines n mentiond pricins will b a gr8 help particularly to the dine-out-starvd college goers! n an ode to taiwah….its absolutely awsum! one can seriously try out tht joint n da lip smackin chicken rice noodles they serve there! a connoisseurs recommendation! ciao man!

Nipon -

yeah tai wah. thanks man. :)

A Bad Spell -

[…] Last monday Dr. MSM took me to Sudhriti for a treat. But unfortunately it was closed then that very evening, while we were walking the […]