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16 Oct 2009

Dr. Mehdi Hasan In India!

Dr. Medhi Hasan, the developer of the hugely popular software Avro, has come to tour in India. He is also an old friend of mine, as Niponwave has been a loyal supporter of his Omicronlab and I have been attached with Omirconlab in more than one way. Interestingly, Mehdi Hasan is a medical guy! He has completed his MBBS only recently. It is going to be great to meet this geek-doc friend for the first time! Glad that Siliguri falls on his itinerary. He is staying at Hotel Central Plaza in Siluguri. For the unitiated, Avro allows you to type Bengali on Windows platform - be it on any webpage or any application like MS Word, etc. Very recently, Omicronlab has come up with a Linux version of Avro that I mentioned here earlier, making it truly a cross-platform Bangla writing solution. []( “Avro used by Bangladesh election commission”) Avro is used in lakhs and lakhs of computers. The current version 4.5.1 has been downloaded more than 1,25,000 times from, 37,ooo from Niponwave and many more times from Omicronlab server. There is also a portable edition of Avro. It has been used by the Bangladesh election commission in their National ID Card project. See link