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16 Jul 2007

Down Memory Lane

[chandradeep]( “”) -

hey nippo its very disappointin tht u hvnt mentiond me…particularly in ur first class of st.lawrence…..class 4……….i was the 1 who guided u thro remember??? sen miss used to make me sit beside tht strange-named little guy to help him get used to his new class…………….hahahaha! its gr8 to bring those memos back!!! thanks man!

Nipon -

Hi Chadu thanks for your comment. But I never sat beside you mate. :P in class 4, Sen miss made me sit with Pushan actually for the first few days so that I could catch up with the class having joined 15 days late but soon changed my place having realized I was too good to need any help. :D However, who really helped me in class 4 at the beginning was Saptarshi. The textbook meant for grammar was Active English, it was out of market by the time I joined classes and it was Saptarshi who readily gave me the book to get xeroxed.

[Raju]( “”) -

It was best thing I had in my life in St. Lawrence, my friends, teacher, ground. Its been 8 years but still the memories seems like a just passed tomorrow. I wish I could go back to my childhood again in Lawrence.